Children and teenagers (counseling)

Children and teenager Counseling

Our team of children and adolescent specialists provide services for children aged 5 and up. Our services will benefit children with challenging behavior, social difficulties, emotional regulation problems, attention/concentration issues and educational/learning difficulties. Children just as adults can experience a full range of human emotions such as anxiety or depression & are equally impacted by their environment, such school issues, traumatic events, divorce, illness and a variety of conflicts. At times children, especially young ones express their feelings using behaviors instead of words. Depending upon the age of a child, behaviors could range, from defiance, acting out, difficulty controlling anger, depression, eating difficulties, self-harm, etc. Regardless of age, children want and need to be heard and a therapist specializing in working with children and adolescents can accomplish this using age appropriate therapies such as play therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Some areas of treatment with children and adolescents include:

• Pediatric Anxiety Disorders, OCD and TICS
• Mood Disorders including anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder
• Self-Harming behaviors and eating disorders
• Oppositional behaviors and poor impulse control
• Difficulties building and maintaining friendships.
• Depression, loss or bereavement
• Personality disorders
• Adoption
• Learning difficulties