Questions about Therapy

Why start therapy?

There are many reasons to start therapy. Maybe you’re experiencing depression, anxiety or traumatic grief. Perhaps your relationships are difficult, stressful and less than nurturing. Maybe you’re dissatisfied with your life direction or occupation. Therapy is an opportunity to get unstuck and move forward. Therapy is a combination of learning new skills and having new emotional experiences. The therapy office is a place to have new emotionally corrective experiences that help people end destructive old patterns and form healthy new ones. People engaged in therapy often gain new insight and awareness and take ownership of their lives.

What happens in a therapy session?

A therapy session lasts 50 minutes and occurs weekly or bi-weekly. However, sessions can be longer and more frequent depending on the needs of the client. It is important that the client practices skills and does homework between sessions. The client must be an active participant in the therapy.

How can a therapist help me?

Therapy offers short-term and long-term benefits. Therapy provides a fresh perspective on a difficult problem and a safe and collaborative environment for personal exploration. Some of the benefits of therapy include:

• Improve relationships and interpersonal effectiveness
• Learn coping skills for dealing with symptoms of anxiety and depression
• Resolve childhood issues and past trauma
• Improve listening and communication skills
• Improve boundaries
• Improving self-acceptance and self-compassion

Do I need to have therapy goals right away?

The first task of therapy is figuring out what would be different if therapy is successful. It may take a few sessions to clarify a direction and your goals may change during different points in therapy.